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Show Notes: Understanding the CMMC Updates

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On this week’s edition of Compliance Unfiltered Adam and Todd tackle the tough topic of the recently announced CMMC updates.

Given the number of changes recently set in place by the CMMC advisory board, we’ve brought in some reinforcements: special guest and Total Compliance Tracking’s Head of Product Development, Jon Dotson!

Jon covers everything from the CMMC 2.0 changes to the long-term impacts across the space. He helps us unpack the updates to CMMC and separate the truth from some misinformation that’s out there.

This week’s episode of Compliance Unfiltered is chock full of critical information in the CMMC arena:

  • What exactly are the 2.0 changes that are coming, and when?
  • What will Assessor rollout progress look like?
  • Impacts of CMMC to your long term compliance
  • What you need to be prepared for
  • Snake oil salespeople to watch out for!

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