Managing compliance sucks, and having the support of a community of people who have been there is invaluable. Seize any opportunity you can to learn, grow, and get equipped. The upcoming PCI-DSS conference is an ideal place for that kind of support.

The 2021 Global Community Forum is a three-day online event from October 26-28. The conference will bring together industry experts from all over the world to discuss everything from ecommerce to preventing data breaches. You’ll learn about the latest in payment security, get updates on the upcoming changes to PCI-DSS, and have opportunities to network with peers. You’ll also get access to important Council updates, regional insights, opportunities for feedback, and fun engagement activities.

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This Is the Year to Attend the PCI Conference

Each year, the PCI conference covers a broad range of topics with some exceptional content. If you’ve never been to the conference in the past, this is an ideal year to attend. Not only is it convenient because it’s virtual, but the content promises to be highly relevant and tremendously valuable.

When PCI-DSS 4.0 is released to the public in March of 2022, it’ll be nine years since the last major change to the standard. Attendees at the PCI Global Community Forum will get previews of what to expect in PCI 4.0 — what it will mean to organizations and how to prepare for it.

Everyone in the industry will need to retool to the new release, whether you use an Excel spreadsheet or a software platform. This conference will give you a good idea of what to expect in the coming year.

In the case of TCT clients, you won’t need to do a thing. TCT Portal will be completely configured and updated for PCI 4.0 immediately after the standard is released.

Come and Say Hi, Get a Special Gift

Be sure to stop by TCT’s virtual booth at the Vendor Showcase and say hello. We’ll have great folks from TCT there to chat with you, get to know you, and answer any questions you have. While you’re at the TCT booth, you can:

  • Check out a high-level overview of TCT Portal, our compliance management software
  • Interact with and ask questions of TCT personnel
  • Schedule a personalized demo
  • Sign up for an opportunity to participate in a private beer tasting giveaway, which includes an opportunity for a follow-up virtual hobnobbing event

Don’t wait for the conference — check out TCT Portal now!

While this year’s event is virtual, we’re excited to regroup with folks we know in the PCI world, and to meet new people who are struggling to manage compliance effectively. Managing compliance sucks, and our entire goal for TCT Portal was born from our own frustrating experience of trying to manage compliance.

Managing compliance the traditional way is incredibly painful, and it’s a tremendous waste of time. TCT Portal was designed as a cost-effective solution for people to be able to manage their compliance easily and efficiently.

TCT’s roots came from the PCI side of the world. Many of our clients leverage the certification, in addition to other certifications the target organization is subject to (such as HIPAA, ISO, NIST, SOC and more). We’ve made a lot of strong relationships and friendships with people in the PCI space, and it’s important to us to be able to get together with our comrades in arms.

TCT Portal

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Nice to meet you!

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